Exploring Knowledge: Our Curriculum at Al-Sabereen School

As part of the curriculum, we at Al-Sabereen School use material provided by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). After a thorough process of investigating different curricula, we landed on HMH as the best option to help our young learners succeed. 

Into Math

The math book allows our students to recognize numbers, shapes, and the basic principles of arithmetic. We will use age-appropriate skills, activities, strategies, and games for young learners to excel in their learning path.

Into Science

Our science curriculum is designed to excite our Students with great questions. With modules that cover engineering and design, plants and animals, environmental resources, and the weather. We plan to let our Students explore the environment around them with hands-on experiments designed to excite their curiosity.

Into Reading

Into Reading, our Students are introduced to reading as it is one of the fundamentals to their success. Reading for Young Learners is a comprehensive course that encompasses all aspects of English letters and their articulation while keeping the learning fun and exciting. We begin with basic word recognition and continue to more complicated concepts such as understanding their place in the community. We aim to use the material in the books to help students develop a passion for reading. 

Islamic Studies For Kindergarten

We are using the Islamic Studies Level KG, to help introduce our students to the basic concepts of Islam. We begin with an overview of the five pillars of Islam and their importance. Then we continue towards the stories from the Holy Quran concerning the Prophets that came before our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). We also continue to explore the verbal pronunciations and definitions of words that Young Muslims will use to amplify their place in the hereafter i.e. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allah Huakbar. Our goal is to provide them with a springboard from which they can continue their passion for learning the Holy Quran, its meaning, and the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him).

Quran Class

Our goal is to introduce the Holy Quran to our young learners to help them develop accurate pronunciation with the proper Tajweed rules. We will focus on memorizing the Holy Quran, starting with the last 10 Suras from the Juz 30 and Continuing if time allows.

Arabic Class

The Arabic class is designed to help students know the Arabic script and properly pronounce the phonetic system.  The students will learn Arabic letters in sequential order as well as the ability to write them. As students continue to improve we will add to their vocab library to help make recognition of the words in the Holy Quran easier.