Registration for school year 24/25

Accepted Students

Kindergarten and first grade classes for this year (Kindergarten students: age 5 and 6 years old).


Tuition is $225 per student per month. Financial Aid is available. 

$50 discount for returning students.

Documentation Needed

(You will be asked to upload at the end of this application, any item you don’t have can be skipped, but must provided later to complete the registration).  

– State Issued Birth Certificate
– Record of Immunizations

–  Physical Exam
– Proof of Residency – two of the following. 
           • Copy of Deed
           • Mortgage or Lease Papers
           • Utility Bill
– Parent’s/Guardian’s Legally Approved Photo ID 
           • Driver License
           • Passport
           • Country State ID
– Custody Papers (if applicable)

Important Dates

– Classes starts on August 28th Insh’Allah.

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